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About Nonsurgical Orthopedics

With injuries and chronic musculoskeletal pain, non-surgical orthopedics is often the best way to diagnose and resolve the problem as fast as possible. Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) orthopedics specialists in Martin, Tennessee, diagnose and treat all manner of orthopedic injuries and conditions. Contact a MIG orthopedics specialist to arrange your appointment now. 

Nonsurgical Orthopedics Q & A

What is non-surgical orthopedics?

Non-surgical orthopedics focuses on nonoperative care of injuries and damage within the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 

With non-surgical orthopedics, your MIG specialist uses the least-invasive treatment options possible to relieve discomfort and restore function. 

When might I need non-surgical orthopedics?

There are two main reasons that you might need non-surgical orthopedic care:


Injuries are among the most common reasons to seek non-surgical orthopedics care from a MIG provider. Sports injuries, like sprains, strains, dislocations, and fractures, can cause significant pain and function issues if untreated, as can workplace, auto accident, and other types of injuries. 

If you have a sudden injury and you want to feel better and return to your regular activities — with the shortest possible amount of downtime — non-surgical orthopedics care can help with both.

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions like arthritis and bursitis can cause damage within your joints, which frequently increases over time if untreated. With non-surgical orthopedics, you can stop or slow the progression of your chronic condition, which can help you resume normal activities. 

Non-surgical orthopedics can even help with the most severe cases of arthritis because it can improve your comfort and function to help you delay or avoid surgery.

If you experience an injury or struggle with chronic pain, non-surgical orthopedics can ease the pain and improve function very quickly.

What are the non-surgical orthopedics treatment options?

Non-surgical orthopedics care can include many different treatments, such as:

  • Activity modification

  • Physical therapy

  • Stretching exercises at home

  • Splinting, bracing, walking boot, or other immobilization

  • Fluid drainage around joint

  • Joint manipulation 

  • Topical pain-relieving medications

  • Oral medications - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and others

  • Corticosteroid injections

  • Lubricating joint injections

Other options, such as minimally invasive procedures, may also be available, depending on your specific needs. 

Many people get the best results with a few different non-surgical treatments. For example, your treatment plan may include activity modification, physical therapy, and oral medication to start. Your MIG orthopedic specialist can assess your response on a regular basis and make adjustments as needed to help you recover as quickly as possible. 

Your MIG provider can guide you to a rapid recovery using safe and proven nonoperative solutions. 

Contact a Midsouth Independent Group non-surgical orthopedics specialist today.