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About Occupational Medicine

When you need occupational medicine services, whether it’s a Department of Transportation (DOT) exam, a drug test, workers comp care, or something else, you can count on the experienced providers at Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) located in Memphis, Tennessee. With over 50 years experience in the needs of both employers and employees, the providers understand that appropriate screening and treatment are vital to running a business in a safe and cost effective manner. Contact a Midsouth Independent Group provider for occupational medicine help today. 

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What types of occupational medicine exams are available?

Midsouth Independent Group providers offer a comprehensive menu of occupational medicine services, including:

  • Pre-hire and post-offer physical

  • DOT exam

  • Injury Care and Workers’ Compensation

  • Return-to-work exam

All types of occupational medicine exams follow strict guidelines, and each exam is unique to the situation. Midsouth Independent Group providers offer X-rays, EKGs, pulmonary function tests, and hearing tests, along with all the advanced equipment needed to perform full occupational medicine exams. 

What other types of occupational medicine care are available?

The care at your Midsouth Independent Group practice goes well beyond the exams. Your provider also helps with any health needs that arise during your exam. For example, you may need certain immunizations such as hepatitis A, tetanus, or influenza to pass your exam, and your provider performs those immediately onsite. You can even get travel immunizations if you need them. 

Drug tests are another occupational medicine service available. Many employers require drug testing as a condition of employment. You may also need a drug test before you can go back to work following an injury or immediately after you’re injured at work. Midsouth Independent Group providers offer fast and reliable onsite drug and alcohol testing, including urine and blood tests. 

How can I prepare for my occupational medicine exam?

Exam prep depends on the type of exam you need. If special preparation is needed, a team member gives you guidelines at least a few days ahead of time. For example, your provider may recommend avoiding caffeine or other stimulants in the hours just before an EKG. 

Be sure to bring a full list of any medications, including supplements and over-the-counter drugs, that you take or recently used. Also, bring a copy of any paperwork related to the exam or have your employer send it to the office beforehand. 

Your Midsouth Independent Group provider is here to make the occupational medical exam process as smooth and easy as possible so you can get to work. Contact a Midsouth Independent Group practice today to learn more.