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About Primary Care

Serving patients throughout Memphis, Tennessee, the skilled primary care providers of Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) provide expert primary care services to help you stay on top of your health. From addressing acute illnesses to helping you manage chronic conditions, they're ready to partner with you in your health care. To book your next primary care visit, contact a Midsouth Independent Group provider today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is a focus of medicine that centers around you, the patient. Your primary care provider comes to know you quite well throughout your life. They're your first point of contact in medicine. Chances are, you make an appointment with your primary care provider first any time you notice unusual symptoms or whenever you're due for an annual wellness exam.

In short, primary care is useful to you at any stage of health. Your MIG primary care provider can examine you for abnormalities even when you feel healthy and assess your symptoms whenever you're sick. They also help you learn to care for yourself and to prevent future illnesses and injuries as best as you can.

Why do I need a primary care provider?

It's important to have a primary care provider for several reasons. If you keep the same primary care provider for years, they become familiar with you, your lifestyle, and your health history. They also know your family history, which makes for shorter and more efficient doctor's visits.

Since they're familiar with your health, your primary care provider is more likely to detect any issues early and find the best course of treatment right away.

Additionally, having a primary care provider to turn to any time health complications or questions arise helps you feel more confident because you come to trust your provider. When they make changes to your medication dose or refer you to specialists, you know that they have your best interest in mind and can make informed decisions on your behalf.

What does primary care involve?

You can turn to your MIG primary care provider for all present and future medical problems. For your primary care, they provide:

Treatment of acute conditions

Acute conditions are short-term health complications that appear suddenly. They can last for up to six months before they get better with or without treatment. Examples include broken bones, the common cold, and the flu.

Management of chronic conditions

Chronic conditions last longer than six months and require long-term care. If there's no cure in sight, treatment focuses on managing your symptoms instead of eliminating the condition. Examples include asthma, arthritis, and diabetes.

Preventive care

Preventive care is future-oriented. Your MIG provider gives you the tools to keep yourself healthy today to avoid sickness tomorrow. Part of preventive care is attending your annual wellness visits, at which they check your vitals and answer all of your health-related questions.


If you're looking for a primary care provider, contact a Midsouth Independent Group provider today.