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About Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a common yet challenging problem that may heal on its own, need antibiotics, or turn into a chronic condition that demands medical care. Joy Burbeck, MD, and the skilled team at Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) in Memphis, Tennessee, create personalized treatment plans to heal your sinusitis and give you the symptom relief needed to enjoy life again. If you have severe sinusitis symptoms or the problem never seems to improve, call the office or use online booking to request an appointment today.

Sinusitis Q & A

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis refers to an inflamed sinus that may (or may not) be infected. Your sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones along your nose. Tissues lining these spaces produce mucus that goes through a small opening and into your nose.

When the tissues become inflamed, the opening swells shut and mucus gets stuck in the cavity. Mucus production doesn’t stop, however, so before long, the accumulating mucus inside the sinus causes tremendous pressure and more inflammation.

What causes sinusitis?

Viral infections most often cause sinusitis, but it could also begin with a bacterial infection. In addition, you can end up with sinusitis if allergies cause inflammation or you have a structural problem (nasal polyps or a deviated septum) blocking the flow of mucus.

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

Drainage from your nose that’s cloudy or discolored is one of the telltale signs of sinusitis, but you could have any of the following:

  • Sinus pain and tenderness
  • Stuffy or blocked nose
  • Thick green or yellow nasal discharge
  • Postnasal drip (mucus draining into your throat)
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Ear pressure
  • Aching upper teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Change in your sense of smell

An acute sinus infection clears up within four weeks, but the inflammation can stick around. If your symptoms last 12 weeks or longer, you have chronic sinusitis.

How is sinusitis treated?

A bacterial infection often needs antibiotics, while a viral infection heals on its own. During an acute infection, most people only need over-the-counter treatments to ease their symptoms.

Chronic sinusitis needs different treatments because it’s usually caused by ongoing inflammation rather than an infection. If allergies are the culprit, your MIG provider recommends treatments like allergy shots. Otherwise, the first line of treatment is anti-inflammatory medications.

You may need a minimally invasive procedure to treat structural problems that are contributing to your chronic sinusitis. If medications fail to improve chronic sinusitis, your provider may recommend a procedure like balloon sinuplasty.

How does balloon sinuplasty treat chronic sinusitis?

Your provider guides a thin, flexible endoscope through your nose and into the inflamed sinus. They clean the mucus out of the sinus, then inflate a balloon in the tiny opening.

The balloon’s pressure restructures the tissues, creating an enlarged opening that remains after your provider deflates and removes the balloon. As a result, your sinuses regain normal function and you get long-lasting relief from chronic sinusitis.

Call Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) today or book an appointment online if you need relief from sinusitis.